What’s all the fuss about Bully Sticks?
Our Eat Paws Play Australian Bully Sticks are the healthy alternative you have been looking for in a dog chew treat. Cleaner and more hygienic than raw bones and wont splinter like cooked bones; longer lasting than dental chews and more digestible than rawhide. Our Bully Sticks are always sourced locally within Australia from Australian produce giving you peace of mind of a quality, natural and ethical product.


Are the toys really indestructible?
Well, no. Short of throwing your dog a car tyre, very few dog toys are indestructible and that’s kind of the point! A dog’s “play” with toys can often be them simulating their hunting instincts. A toy that is pliable and offers give while putting up a good fight triggers your dog’s interest and happiness. What good is a house full of tough as steel toys if there is little enjoyment found in them?


Do the boxes come gift wrapped or do I have to ask?
Beautifully gift wrapped by default, no need to request. We do have an opportunity for you to request any specific instructions to seller at checkout though.


I’ve heard lamb’s ears are rawhide and rawhide is bad. What’s the story?
Rawhide is made from the inner layer of cow hide and does not breakdown in a dog’s digestive system. This can cause problems as the chewed pieces make their way through your dog back into the outside world! Ears are softer and do breakdown, but pig’s ears can be fatty. Solution: lamb’s ears! Digestible, tasty (for dogs!) and most importantly; they are the safest, healthiest alternative.


What about my cats?
We love cats too. Promise! We are currently working on our purrfect Eat Paws Play cat hamper, keep an eye out on our website for when it is released.


How much is shipping going to cost me?
We have free standard Australia wide shipping on all our products, always! You are welcome to pay a couple of dollars extra to have your package express posted to you.

Will the bandanas fit my dog?
No matter if you’re buying for a Maltese or Mastiff, our bandanas are the perfect size. They are a one size 60cm x 60cm square design which allows for endless styles to be created, just check out our range of models rockin’ their chosen styles on our site. The strong yet lightweight fabric will span the largest of dogs necks topping 75cm circumference when folded on the diagonal yet will double up without bulk for the smallest of pooches.